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InfoTame Partner Programs

At InfoTame, we do not believe in working alone. We work with Partners.

InfoTame sells its advanced artificial intelligence software to companies throughout the world - providing sophisticated search and analytics functionality for integration into content management systems designed to manage large amounts of unstructured data such as emails, Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint slides, and web pages.

InfoTame recognizes that industry specialists are the best at serving their customers since they have in depth knowledge of their customer's needs.

We work, therefore, with a range of industry partners to help customers quickly set up and use InfoTame technology within their existing technical infrastructure. By becoming an InfoTame Partner, you will receive the technical know-how and support to deploy our advanced technology for the benefit of your customers.

This will not only enable you to enhance your business profitability and improve customer retention, but will also allow you to powerfully differentiate your products from those of your competitors.

The InfoTame Partner Program is designed to bring multiple sales and marketing benefits to you by:

  • Extending your customer base by offering intelligent search solutions for new industry sectors
  • Reducing your development costs and time-to-market with InfoTame's ready-made technology platform
  • Adding the world's most sophisticated artificial intelligence software to your custom solutions for unrivalled differentiation
  • Increasing your market visibility through InfoTame's promotion of your solutions

Partner Categories

Reseller Partners. These include Value Added Resellers and System Integrators who have expertise in delivering industry specific solutions such as custom applications which address specific customer requirements (for example, case management systems for law firms).

Reseller Partners resell InfoTame technology solutions, and may offer their customers a total solution which bundles together products that complement and add extra value to InfoTame's analytics engine.

Technology Partners. These are solution vendors who are market leaders in delivering products or technologies that are complementary to InfoTame's technology.

Such products may, for example, include document scanning, text extraction (OCR), hosting services, file conversion software, billing systems, supply chain management, software applications, hardware systems, and other infrastructure services.

Interested companies might include input device manufacturers, third-party independent software vendors (ISVs), application developers and general technology partners. The common thread among these partners is that they offer solutions that complement and extend the range of solutions offered by InfoTame.

Consulting Partners. These are usually System Integrators or Consultants who have deep industry-specific experience, and are highly skilled in the area of unstructured data management solutions.

Consulting Partners do not resell InfoTame products, but add value to our technology by providing management consulting, training, technical support, and business process analysis.

Partner Benefits

By becoming an InfoTame Partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Marketing benefits:

  1. Right to use the InfoTame name and logo
  2. Joint Press Releases
  3. Access to cross-promotion activities
  4. Postings on InfoTame websites around the world
  5. Joint Webinars
  6. Invitations to InfoTame events

Technology benefits:

  1. Development license
  2. Software upgrades
  3. Information about product development

Training benefits:

  1. Technical training
  2. Sales training

Partner Selection Criteria

InfoTame seeks to build an elite team of world class partners.

We, therefore, apply stringent criteria for the selection of our partners. In addition to overall cultural fit with our values, we pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  1. Financial stability
  2. Market reputation
  3. Product offering
  4. Industry expertise
  5. Client base

Next Steps

If you would like to become an InfoTame Partner, please contact us for further details.

Your request will be forwarded to an InfoTame business-development specialist who will contact you directly for further discussions.

Participating Partners

Enstar is a specialist Internet solutions provider with extensive experience across the board in high profile situations. Enstar focuses on Content Management Systems with neatComponents their world class website development system. neatComponents allows website design companies to produce websites, intranets and extranets for their clients quickly and easily - and at low cost, by bringing the power of database-driven websites to every designer. neatComponents allows the easy creation and management of complex multi-user sites. The integrated Site Management System and Hosting Systems manage billing, payment-demands, and site availability. Enstar is also the world distributor and primary support vector for "Mailtraq", the corporate email solution and alternative to Microsoft Exchange. For more information please visit Enstar at www.enstar.net

Innasite Innasite services address the needs of the customer at every stage of the organization's technology and business life cycle. Innasite delivers value by linking IT solutions to business parameters like productivity, quality, cost and time to market. The technical expertise, domain knowledge, best practices and processes make Innasite a "Service Provider of Choice". Innasite provides the unique SiteSource suite of solutions boasting a wide variety of services across the IT Fulfillment and IT Operations Outsourcing spectrum. Innasite has designed its services keeping the principle of Selective Outsourcing in mind. Whatever approach works best for your business, you can rest assured that Innasite will utilize and maximize the investment you have already made. For more information please visit Innasite at www.innasite.com

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