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InfoTame Application to CRM:
Leading Indicators and Early Detection

Know What Your Customers are Really Thinking and Turn it into Competitive Advantage. Prevent Costly Mistakes

Many companies have accumulated millions of pages of unstructured, text-based data and add thousands more each day from e-mail and other documents exchanged with their customers. It is impossible to keep track of this enormous flow of data without special software tools that allow real-time extraction of the most significant facts and relationships from text. InfoTame has developed and is currently selling unique analytics products for ultra fast, scalable and language-independent extraction of vital information from vast amounts of text.

The use of InfoTame technology in CRM applications alerts businesses to customer problems as they occur, and they can take preventive action immediately, which can save orders and customers. Today, the existing systems do capture the problem as it occurs but it is often detected only when the customer moves elsewhere or the orders from the upset customer have declined. By identifying problems early, InfoTame can save businesses millions in lost revenue, at the same time improving customer relationship and loyalty.

Let us look at some well-known recent examples of problems overlooked.
  • A simple search for “Failure” in our news database uncovers the most important failures based on 24755 documents. One of the key topics is “Firestone Tire”.
  • By drilling down into “Firestone Tire”, a topic specific view is created, which uncovers key descriptors providing a “portrait” of what this incident is all about.
Drill down into “FIRESTONE TIRE” generates a refined Information Portrait, revealing details from 312 documents:
  • What is involved? (Sport Utility Ford Explorer, Tires Wilderness, ATX, Decatur Plant)
  • How many? (Million Tires)
  • What is the problem? (Deadly Accidents caused by Tread Separation)
  • Who is affected? (Ford Officials, CEO Jacques Nasser)
  • What other entities are affected? (NHTSA, Traffic Safety)
  • How does it affect sales? Drill-down to the documents provides the information
  • Drill-down to the document level enables access to relevant information. In our example, the full picture of the impact on sales in very little time.
  • One can identify key events, correlation and trend.

Can an incident like the “Firestone Tire” be avoided?

A company can avoid a “Firestone Tire” incident if early detection mechanisms are in place.
Vastly distributed data, especially text based information is difficult if not impossible to turn into good business decisions. By consolidating and analyzing the data, InfoTame can provide insight into events, which otherwise are impossible to detect in time – they will surface when it is already too late (as in the case of the tire incident). One report of a tire failure as a cause for an accident is not significant, it can be just coincidence. But if multiple reports contain similar information, a statistical significance will be detected. By visualizing text-based information, as reflected in our chart (based on the news database), events and correlations will be immediately apparent and can therefore be transformed into timely business decisions.
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