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InfoTame - Intelligence From Massive Amounts Of Text Data
  • Connecting The Dots
    Current text search technology can only find what you ask for, no matter how sophisticated your search. You cannot find what you don't know to look for.
    InfoTame is different. InfoTame uses a whole new approach to analyze massive amounts of unstructured data. By creating information profiles, hidden links and associations between topics can be uncovered and extracted from millions of documents in real time, and in any language.
  • Discovering The Unknown
    How do you search for something if you don't know what to look for?
    InfoTame allows you to "fish" for the most significant associations and links between events, places, and people by introducing a series of verbal probes, which attract the associated terms like a magnet pulling out a needle from a hay stack. We call the result of such probing an "Information Portrait" of the topic of interest used as a probe. Information Portraits uncover the main characteristics of the object of interest and suggest a drill-down path into selected sub-topics, refining the Information Portraits at each step, eventually down to the document level.
  • Early Warning And Leading Indicators
    Events, locations, people and topics are reflected in communication patterns. Changes in patterns and exceptions are leading indicators, which uncover events as they emerge. InfoTame offers a variety of options to monitor communication patterns and changes in real-time. One can analyze developments over time, uncover emerging trends and get real-time alerts of critical events.
  • From Hidden Links to Correlation Webs
    One can also identify hidden associations, correlations and links, and generate a correlation web to visualize what is connected, how it is connected and who is involved. Follow the links and uncover indirect connections.
    (a-b, b-c => a-c). InfoTame provides easy navigation and can be applied across system boundaries to analyze multiple databases and generate the "full picture".
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