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InfoTame powers its unique products by leading-edge technology called Statistical Spectral Content Analysis™ (SSCA).

The product family, InfoTame® Enterprise Edition™ (ITee™), includes ITee Legal™, ITee Security™, ITee Finance™, ITee Biotech™, and ITee CRM™. The core technology can be easily extended to many other markets overwhelmed by the need to analyze and understand massive amounts of unstructured text data.

Below we list some of the most prominent features of the ITee product family and benefits enabled by ITee's unique functionality:

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Features and Functionality of ITee

  1. Extracts and understands meaning hidden in millions of documents scattered across disparate sources throughout the enterprise.
  2. New way of looking at information. Other information retrieval systems flood a user with documents. ITee provides a single page summary of meaningful associations, which guide the user to discover hidden meaning and the unknown (information that the user doesn't know about).
  3. Objective and not biased by human factors; it uses statistics and not expert rules. It therefore has wider applicability across fields of expertise and improves the quality of information.
  4. Fast - up to 100 times faster than competing technologies.
  5. Scalable to terabytes of data.
  6. Interoperates with legacy systems and documents in any format. Compatible with text data in any format. Non-intrusive, requires read-only permissions to load into database.
  7. Language independent and compatible with 16-bit character sets.
  8. Detects trends and gives real time alerts, see examples.

Benefits Realized by ITee's Customers

  1. Productivity enhancement through automating access to millions of pages of text files scattered in different data sources.
  2. Extraordinary new insights beyond the human capability to deal with mountains of data.
  3. Easy-to-read and understand presentation, like a table of contents to any new topic or object of interest.
  4. Statistical sampling methodology (SSCA) enhances the objectivity of information presented, unlike rigid rules-based analysis systems biased by human designer.
  5. The industry's fastest; enhances productivity by saving time and money.
  6. Investment protection as the business grows and data size increases.
  7. Easy and simple to integrate with any document management system.
  8. Investment protection as business needs become global.
  9. Provides objective real time alerts - saves from lost revenues and profits.

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