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Download PDF file. 350 Kb If The Proof Exists, ITee Legal Will Find It

ITee Legal product brief

ITee Legal enables legal professionals to extract facts and relationships from volumes of discovery data in real time. This leading-edge software solutionenables vast improvement in productivity, significant overall cost savings, and most importantly, the ability to win cases when facts are buried in mountains of documents and there is no time to look for them. Unlike other products, ITee Legal distills the essence of millions of documents onto a single page, automatically guiding users to discover not only what they seek, but what they don't know exists. ITee Legal enables users to uncover and understand hidden relationships between people, events, places, companies within minutes, from millions of documents, before they read a single page.

Download PDF file 150 Kb Leading-Edge Analytics for Millions of Pages of Text

ITee product brief

Successful businesses take advantage of information hidden in massive amounts of text. Traditionally, this required significant investments in people and time. Using InfoTame, one person can analyze millions of documents in several hours. InfoTame is a powerful tool that distills essential information from emails, HTML, Word and other documents onto a single page, creating a breakthrough in analysis and comprehension.

Download PDF file 40 Kb Do more With InfoTame

A White Paper by Wohl Associates

InfoTame's search, analysis, and pattern identification tool has business benefits for many industries and nearly every department across an enterprise:

  • Not just a search tool, but a tool that will return relevant, relational search results
  • Results that go beyond Search to Analysis
  • In a real time environment, supporting applications that require continuously updated information
  • Including any data or combinations of data required (not just data indexed by web search engines)

Next-Generation Intelligent Search Engine